Sao Bras property for sale

São Brás de Alportel is a town with a flavour of the hills, and a charm from days gone by. It comes therefore at no surprise that Sao Bras Property benefits from the location and charm of the town.


Take a walk through the Vale de Alportel and visit some of the hamlets replete with history; São Romão, Vilarinhos, Soalheira and Malhão, Vale da Corte, Juncais, Moremos and Umbria, Santa Catarina and Alportel, and you will quickly understand why Sao Bras Property for sale is as popular as it is.

During the months of January and February, here, and all over the Algarve, a blanket of white, like snow, covers the countryside as the almond trees come into bloom.  But it is not only the picturesque location that makes Sao Bras Property so high on the list of many Algarve Property buyers and Property investors. The proximity to Faro, the convenient link to the main Motorway just a few miles away, as well as the fact that Spain can be reached by car in matter of minutes rather than hours are further reasons why Sao Bras Property for sale is as sought after as it is.

Especially amongst foreign buyers Sao Bras Property mirrors so well the conception people have when thinking of a life in the sun and life within a small traditional Portuguese town and community.

The property values for Sao Bras Property for sale are in line with similar locations elsewhere in the Algarve yet for all the above mentioned reasons Sao Bras offers a great deal other areas don´t.

You can see a selection of the property we have for sale in Sao Bras de Alportel here Sao Bras Property