Sell your property

Selling a property in Portugal

Selling a property in Portugal

Advice for anyone wanting to sell a property in the Algarve, Portugal

Selling property in Portugal

The team at Azul Properties have a vast range of experience when it comes to selling property in the Algarve. We can give you an honest, practical assessment of how you can make the best of your property.


Of course, selecting a knowledgeable, professional Real Estate agent will ensure you sell your property quickly and at the optimum price.  However, you, the owner, are an essential part of the selling process.  This information explains how you can help us sell your house.


First impressions

The most important part of your preparation.  

-Cut the grass and tidy any plants (don’t forget to remove dead or dying plants) and remove rubbish from hard landscaped areas and driveways. Consider adding some new, colourful plants to add impact.
-Clean/paint the front door and ensure door bells/knockers are working properly and that the door opens freely and correctly (oil hinges where necessary).  
-Wash the windows and shutters inside and out, and wash the outside of the house (including terraces).
-Repair any fences and gates.

Finally, approach your house imagining you are a buyer (or even better ask your Azul Properties agent to do this for you).  What are the first impressions? Do you want to see more and are you excited about viewing the house?


Clean and tidy

Clean the entire house, but pay particular attention to the kitchen, bathrooms and living room.  Bathrooms and kitchens sell homes, so make them sparkle and show them at their best.
Where necessary repaint scuffed walls, clean or replace wallpaper and shampoo carpets.  
Remove any clutter.  Don’t forget to clear out cupboards, larders, storage areas, under sinks etc., as buyers will want to look in these areas.  Remember that the more clutter you remove, the bigger your house will look and a prospective buyer will perceive a higher value.

If you would like your property professionally prepared please contact us and we can arrange this for you.


Minor maintenance

All those little things that you can live with day to day will disconcert buyers.  

Fix or replace all leaking taps (a leaking tap will discolour sanitary ware and suggest problems with the plumbing), replace any blown bulbs and defective power sockets.  
Make sure all doors operate correctly and oil any squeaky hinges.
Do you have any loose roof tiles, broken or missing gutters?

By resolving these minor problems you will improve the impression buyers have of your home.


The sweet smell of home

During the normal use of a home smells and odours naturally occur.  Pay particular attention to unused rooms (which may smell stale), pet and cigarette odours.  Subtle use of pot pourri etc. is always effective.  
For that extra touch, the aroma of freshly baked bread or coffee is always pleasant, as long as it is not overpowering.


Safety first

You are used to ducking under the low hanging light, stepping over the kids’ roller skates and not tripping on the TV extension lead, but your buyers will not be.  Make your property safe for those who are not familiar with the day-to-day hazards.


Lights, camera, action!

So, we’ve found a client for your house, and it’s the day of the viewing.  We need your help to show your house to its full potential.

If your viewing is during the day, open all curtains and shutters and make the most of the Algarve sunshine.  If your viewing is at night, turn on all the lighting (don’t forget your external and garden lighting).  Lights highlight areas of your property that might not be noticed otherwise and give a welcoming impression to buyers.

We understand that you might want to show potential buyers your home and explain its benefits. However, buyers will feel inhibited in your presence and will tend to rush through your home, rather than stay and give your property the attention it deserves.  
Our advice is to let us conduct the viewings on your behalf (after all you are paying us to do just that).  Perhaps take a walk for 45 minutes.
If you are at home during viewings then find something to do outside, maybe in the garden or the garage.  

If you have pets keep them away from the main areas of the house-buyers can have allergies and dislikes and if they feel uncomfortable they will want to leave your house as soon as possible.

During the viewing, turn down (or turn off) the stereo and TV.  Allow buyers time to contemplate your house, not your taste in music.


Property Improvements

Before you consider laying a new terrace or installing that super deluxe Jacuzzi, consider the following rules of thumb:

1. If your property is in poor condition, improvements can increase the sale price (and will increase the desirability)
2. If you spend 3,000 euros improving your property, it will rarely add 3,000 euros of value to your property.
3. The best areas to make improvements to are kitchens and bathrooms-these always have the best chance of adding value.

Our advice is that you do not spend money to improve a house you are selling unless the house is in such poor condition its value will be dramatically affected.  Examples of this are structural problems, an outdated kitchen/bathroom or a leaking roof.


Need some advice?

Would you like a no obligation assessment of your property by one of our professional sales consultants? Just give us a call on 00351308801913 or send us an email to and we will be pleased to help.