Using local Algarve knowledge to help buyers

With decades of experience, Azul Properties are perfectly placed to help you understand the many different points you need to consider when selecting a property in the Algarve countryside. We know that buying a rural property means you have to consider specific points. There are many different items that affect your choice of a home in rural areas of the Algarve, and here are some key points to consider:



Mains electricity is, in most cases, always available. In many cases we recommend that you consider the installation of photovoltaic solar panels to reduce your running costs but this is not essential.

Choice of eleectrical suppliers is limited, but service levels are the same across all suppliers so you are free to choose the best offer for your needs


Water supplies vary from area to area. Mains water is available in many areas, and this is the ideal solution in many ways as the water is clean, certified and delivered using a reliable network. An important point to consider is the scale of charges for water consumption. Water usage is charged on a monthly basis, and heavy usage of water is penalised. If domestic water consumption is kept to a reasonable level, then a 2 bedroom property should pay no more than €20-€30 per month.

Boreholes are a popular way of obtaining water for irrigation and swimming pools, as they can provide a significant amount of water at a lower cost than mains water. For a detailed explanation of boreholes please visit this article (INSERT LINK). 

Mains drainage is not as widely available as mains water, although this is changing. Where mains dranage is not available septic tanks (fossa septica) are used. There are two types of these, one which has a soakaway (poço roto) and does not need to normally be emptied, and the more modern type which has to be periodically emptied. 


Fibre optic internet is being installed at a good pace, to replace the existing ADSL service. Where this is not yet available 4G mobile internet is a viable option, and we have partners who can install all the necessary equipment to provide a good service.

Day to day life


When buying a rural property in the Algarve, you should pay attention to the access. Whilst that sandy track seems nice on a summer's day, what will it be like when it rains? Make sure that the access rights to the property are clearly defined, and there are no doubts as to how you will access your house.

Post and deliveries

In rural areas of the Algarve, you will normally find that postboxes are grouped together at central points in each village. Each house has its own post box.

Most delivery companies will accept GPS or what3words co-ordinates, so that they can find your house easily.

Land management

All owners of rural land in the Algarve have a responsibilty to keep their land clean and well managaed, principally to reduce the risk of fires in the summer months. 


Living in rural areas of the Algarve does not mean that you have to live without facilities. Whilst you will not have a hypermarket on your doorstep, it is important to consider proximity to local shops and facilities when choosing your home. Our "pint of milk" test is a good way of considering practicality-imagine you are making  cup of tea, and realise you have run out of milk. How long will it take you to get to the nearest shop and return home with a pint of milk?

Why the rural Algarve?

As you move away from the coast, property values reduce and you can find real value for money in the interior areas.

Peace and quiet is a key factor for many people who want to escape the stresses of day to day life, and have a retreat where they can relax. 

Clean air is becoming more of a concern for many people (particularly those who live in towns and cities) and this is guaranteed in the Algarve countryside.

The possibility of remote working has now become a reality, and many people are fortunate enough to be able to work from home. When "home" is a quiet house with beautiful views of the countryside, this is very appealing.

Make the move!

Whilst you may find moving to a more rural area a bit daunting initially, you can count on our experience to answer all your questions and assist you to select your rural idyll in the Algarve. If you have any questions please give us a call on 00351308801913 or send an email to