Crypto and Portuguese Property

Buying property with crypto currency

It has recently become possible to purchase properties in Portugal with crypto currency, and properties have been sold already using crypto as a payment method.

However, many purchasers do not want to accept payment in crypto currency, as they are concerned about the volatility of crypto, or they do not understand the concept of crypto currency and do not want any additional risks.

We have buyers that want to pay for their property in the Algarve with crypto, so we needed to find a way to make this happen.

The solution to this was a crypto exchange, that allows a buyer to exchange crypto currency for euros, and thus pay for the purchase of their new home in the Algarve. The vendor receives euros, and the buyer makes the payment in crypto.

We were introduced to XEROF, a crypto exchange based (and regulated) in Switzerland. The following information was provided by XEROF to explain their service


Five Reasons to choose XEROF Crypto Exchange, if you sell or buy Real Estate or Luxury Goods

As cryptocurrencies grow in popularity and acceptance increases, more people are asking themselves what platform they should use for their investments, buy, or sell high-value assets.
Before settling for a certain crypto exchange, it is critical to consider a number of options. In other words, one of the most important things is to choose the right partner for crypto
exchange when you are buying real estate or other luxury goods. Below you have a few reasons why you should choose XEROF as such a partner.


This is a very important factor to consider. A crypto exchange should be compliant with thelaws of the countries where it operates and, in the country, where it is registered. XEROF started its path in 2021, incorporated in Switzerland, and obtained Swiss regulatory approval by FINMA (Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority). XEROF is supervised by the SRO VQF for AML compliance, which is the leading, officially recognized, self-regulatory organization for the combating of money laundering. The company is able to operate in more than 70 countries in the EMEA region.


A Nordic team of experts from many fields of business (with more than 25 years of experience) founded the company. Real Estate, Investments, Fintech and Cryptocurrency are just some of the business interests of our forward-looking and dedicated team members.


The need for a secure crypto exchange is self-explanatory. Managing assets on a stock exchange means trusting someone else with one's money. Otherwise, if the exchange gets hacked, investors end up empty-handed.
That's why XEROF has the next-generation digital asset security and combines the wallet technology, MPC-CMP, with hardware insolation to create a multi-layered security technology.
MPC-CMP, or Multi-Party Computation, enables digital transactions to be signed much faster and more securely. By choosing XEROF as your crypto exchange partner, you are choosing a reliable Swiss provider of financial services.

Ease of Use

It takes just 3 short steps to become a customer and only 2 further steps to make a deal (buy or sell your real estate or luxury goods). XEROF acts as your financial partner and all actions are based on your contract of purchase. Through efficient blockchain technology and smart contracts, you can carry out high-value transactions and avoid traditional waiting times.

User Experience

Yes, we at XEROF know this is important. The user interface must be clear, understandable, and up to date. If you have a look at XEROF's website, you won’t find long texts with descriptions of evident things. We believe that our respectable clients value their time and want to find only the most important information about crypto exchange.