Property Management

We offer a property management service for properties in the Algarve, mainly in the Central Algarve (Boliqueime. Loule. Sao Bras) but also in the Eastern Algarve.

Our service is built upon the fact that every one of our clients is different, and has differing needs and desires. We offer a flexible, transparent and honest service, with all charges clearly explained.


All aspects of property management are carried out by the team at Azul Properties. This includes pool cleaning and repairs, garden maintenance, pre-arrival preparation, management of repairs and construction works and guest management.

We pride ourselves on offering old fashioned customer centred service in modern times.

Choosing a property manager

There are many property management companies in the Algarve, offering a variety of services and differing levels of professionalism. Your relationship with your property manager is very important, and when you select a company to manage your villa or apartment, there are some important factors to consider:

    * Flexibility. Are they willing to adapt their services to your needs, and very importantly your guests needs?

    * Knowledge. An in depth knowledge of local suppliers, specialist repair companies, construction standards, technical equipment and facilities is essential. Good knowledge and the right contacts can save you time and money.

    * Transparency. If there is a problem, you need to be notified immediately, and be given time to find a solution. If you are unhappy with the costs of works carried out, you want copies of receipts to prove the true costs incurred.

    * Honesty. You have to trust your management company, and a key element of this is an honest relationship.

    * Records. If you are paying for regular pool maintenance, or house inspections, these should be documented and recorded.


Our History And Promise To You



Our property management service developed organically, as a result of clients who had purchased property from us, and wanted to continue to be looked after in the same manner. These clients then spoke to their friends and neighbours, and demand for our services increased.Initially, our services were based on the principle that each client had their own specific requirements. We soon realised that many of the requirements were needed by all the clients. This allowed us to create a basic level of service which ensures all clients receive the same high standard of care.


We promise that...

We take our responsibility very seriously, and we treat our clients properties as if they were our own. We also treat our clients as if they were part of our family, and we are always available to help.

You have a right to know how and why we are looking after your algarve property, and we will always answer your questions honestly.



If we have a problem that needs your input, then we will bring this to your attention, coupled with a solution. If we make a mistake, we take responsibility for this and resolve it. We know what our limits are, and if we are unable to manage your property efficiently, we are not afraid to say no, and recommend someone else who can help you in a better manner.


Help and support

Sometimes you just need to know where to go, or what to do in a given situation. Other times you need someone who speaks Portuguese to help you, and in some instances you need someone to resolve a problem in person. No matter what you need, we will help.


Transparency And Pricing



Put simply, we tell you what we are going to do, how much it will cost, and then we do it. Sounds simple, but so few people seem able to do this. As an example of this, records are kept of pool maintenance, including the dates of visits, chemicals used and problems encountered. In practice, clients rarely ask to see these records, but it is reassuring that they exist, and that we are working in a pro-active manner. When maintenance tasks are necessary, we always aim to give you a fixed price in advance of carrying out the works.


Realistic pricing

Our services are priced at a level that ensures we deliver the service you need, at a reasonable price. We are not the cheapest property management company in the Algarve, but we do offer value for money.


Our Skills And Services



Our team is small, but experienced and led by Richard Mills, who has formal training and qualifications in construction and building services. Click here to view more information about Richard

Our knowledge often ensures that repairs or refurbishment can often be carried out, in lieu of replacement, which is always the easy solution, but rarely the cheapest.


Management services

Experience has taught us that not all properties, and not all property owners, are the same. The management services we offer are, therefore, tailored to suit each individual case. We have a basic level of services, which include:

    * Swimming pool maintenance and cleaning
    * Property inspections
    * Garden maintenance and renovation
    * Key holding and access control
    * 24/7 contact number
    * Point of contact for security companies
    * Checking of utility bills

In addition to these management services, you can choose from the following:

    * Meet and greet
    * Laundry and cleaning
    * Internet (equipment hire and configuration)
    * Pre-arrival grocery shopping
    * Provision of firewood
    * Management of long term or holiday rentals

Our services are not restricted to these items, if you have a specific requirement, please let us know.

The property management service we offer is a personal service, so if you would like more information please send us an email or phone us to arrange a meeting.


Property Rentals


Algarve Property Rentals

Many property owners choose to rent out their property in the Algarve, either to assist with the costs of the property, or as an income producing business.

Property rentals in the Algarve are very seasonal, with the most popular period being the Summer season, which is around 10-12 weeks.

Properties can be rented outside of the peak Summer season, if they have the correct facilities.


Our rental service

If you want to rent your Algarve property, we will advise you on the correct way to prepare and price your property.

There are safety considerations (such as pool depth markings), legal considerations (insurance and rental licences) and practical considerations (equipment and decoration). All of these must be considered, to ensure you provide a holiday home in the Algarve to an attractive and safe standard.

We will advise you on the essential items, plus we can recommend those items that add a little extra, and make your rental property stand out from the crowd.



We understand that property owners need to maximise the income from their rental property, so we offer a flexible pricing scheme, which allows owners to choose how they want the rentals administered.

Whether an owner wants to be totally in control, totally hands off, or somewhere in between, we will provide a price for the service required.


Recommended Algarve Rentals

These are some of the properties which our clients have available to rent:

Casa Crow, Santa Barbara
A spacious, light house in a private location. The owners are constantly updating and improving the house, an outside kitchen was recently added, and the house kitchen has been totally renovated.