Working with us

Working together

We operate both formal and informal partnership arrangements.

If you are an agent or other property professional, and you are representing a potential purchaser, then please get in contact with us. We will work with you to serve the interests of both buyer and seller.

We also have ongoing, formal partnerships with agents based in Portugal. Enhanced commissions are offered to those who form part of this agreement.

Azul Properties want to make sure that we secure the best possible sale for our vendors, so we will always try to find a way to work with other parties, both in the Algarve and further afield.

Referring clients

When a partner refers a client to us, we want to have an understanding of the client´s requirements, so that we can make sure the properties selected are suitable for the client. We do not accept client registrations where we receive a request to view a property unless we understand what the potential purchaser wants (and does not want). The more information we are given, means that we can accurately select potential properties, and avoid wasting everyone´s time visiting unsuitable properties.

As a minimum, when a client is referred to us we expect our partner to provide the following information:

  1. Name and contact details. This ensures that the client can be correctly registered in our database
  2. Budget
  3. If finance will be required
  4. Preferred geographical areas
  5. Required proximity to services and amenities (beach, shops, café, town)
  6. Dates of visit
  7. Property requirements-central heating, views, privacy, number of bedrooms, size of property, size of plot, access, annex
  8. Specific client requirements-e.g. space for a motorhome, fibre internet