Land registry simplified

It is now possible to obtain simple (uncertified) copies of land registry information relating to properties in Portugal. Previously only certified copies were available, and these had a cost of €15 with a validity of 6 months.


The simple certificates have a cost of €1 and are valid for one year, as opposed to the certified copies that cost €15 and are valid for 6 months. Certified copies are needed for official acts (property sales, mortgages) and the simple copies can not be used in their place. 


The simple copies can only be requested using the number of the registration (so you need to know the details of the property in question). Certified copies can be requested by using other data (such as the number of the caderneta predial). 


Both types of certificate can be obtained online at, which is the government owned site.


Please note that there is a site online that provides this service but at a greatly increased cost ( This is a privately owned service, and there are no advantages that we are aware of related to this more expensive service.


This measure has created a significantly cheaper way to consult the land registry.