Rustic property in the Algarve

The Algarve has many rural areas, and there is a great tradition of rustic property in the Algarve countryside.

The most well known is the Quinta (or farmhouse), often a very noble rustic property, built to not only house the owners but their animals and servants as well.

Many people buy a run down quinta in a rural area and then renovate it to create their dream home. When these rural properties are tastefully renovated they make wonderful homes, cosy, charming and updated to provide modern living standards.

Rustic property in the Algarve has always been a popular choice, as rustic houses provide wonderful homes in a natural landscape. Propertiess located in more rural areas are considerably cheaper than those close to the coast.

Here are all the properties we have for sale, many of which are in rural areas of the Algarve: Algarve properties