Alte, Salir + Benafim Property

The interior areas of the Algarve are one of our favourite parts of the Algarve. As you drive inland, you find yourself away from the busy coast, and even in peak summer season you can find quiet, unspoilt areas of the Algarve countryside.


In past years there have been significant investments in the less populated areas of the Algarve. Infrastructure has improved, and roads, mains services (such as drainage and water) and improved internet are now the norm.


Property prices reduce as you go inland, and value for money can be found in places such as Alte, Salir, Benafim and Tor.



Alte is a pretty town, with a busy day to day life. There are supermarkets, restaurants (including the famous donkey restuarant) a municipal market and all facilties you need for your day to day life. 

The Alte hotel is an ideal place to stay for those who want to explore the area.

If you do make the trip to Alte, then you should visit the "Fonte Grande" a beautiful spot where you can swim, have a barbecue and relax.

Santa Margarida is a small village to the North of Alte, where you will find many traditional houses within the village, with beautiful country views as a backdrop.

Property for sale Alte



Salir is a small town, but again has all your day to day needs covered (including a mini petrol station, police and fire stations, library, pharmacy and the essential restaurants).

Property for sale Salir



Benafim is a smaller, quieter village and sits almsot equidistant between Salir and Alte. Whilst there are not as many facilities in Benafim, it still has a petrol station, supermarket and restaurants/cafés (of course)!

Benafim property for sale


Want to find out more?

We are big fans of the interior areas of the Algarve, and have sold many properties in these areas. If you would like our help to find a property in the areas of Alte, Salir or Benafim then please send us an email